Folino Capital HD1, LLC

Investment Summary:

$4M Capital Raise

Projected ROI: Up to 10%

Income: Passive

Minimum Investment: $50,000

Dividends: Quarterly

Offering Size: $4M

Type of Offering: Reg D 506(C)

Investor Type: Accredited Investors

Fund: Debit Structure

Management Company: Folino Capital, LLC

Securities Attorney: Peter J. Smith, AMM Law


The capital being raised through Folino Capital HD1, LLC will be used for the projects at Folino Estate Winery, (including a Vineyard Barn, Warehouse Expansion, Pavilion & Banquet Expansion) in addition to funds for engineering, architecture and consulting fees associated with the anticipated land development of these new buildings and that of the future Resort & Spa.

Why Invest
in the wine

Wine is flowing in countries all over the world with the annual consumption rate doubling to over 770 million gallons! Investors are turning to wine in order to diversify their portfolios and hedge against often volatile returns of stocks, bonds or other investments.  Financial advisors and wealth managers agree that wineries provide an excellent means for maintaining stability within your financial portfolio when you need it most – during times where markets seem uncertain about what they will do next!


If you decide to invest with Folino Capital HD1, LLC, you will be welcomed into our exclusive society, the Founder’s Table.
As an investor, you’ll indulge in a specialized package of benefits and discounts reserved only for investors in the Folino Estate, Vintner’s Table & Vintner’s Inn brands.


Vineyard Barn
Banquet Expansion
Tuscan Inn & Spa Resort
Tuscan Inn & Spa Resort
Tuscan Inn & Spa Resort



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