The name Folino has become synonymous with hospitality. From the humble beginnings of a small town pizza shop to now a world class winery and more, we are no stranger to this industry. We know how to make strangers feel like family and we only plan on spreading our love of this industry further by growing to a world renowned hospitality portfolio of brands.
With Folino Capital, we’re not just an average capital company. We develop-build, acquire and manage hospitality properties with a focus on both near-term income generation and long-term value creation for our investors. Marco & Andrea Folino founded Folino Capital to provide new & seasoned investors an opportunity to not only make money on your investments, but to have a hand in growing a hospitality brand from a small company to a national brand from the beginnings.
Much like our founders, we are continually reinventing ourselves. At Folino Capital, we value and prioritize relationships above all else and are in constant pursuit of strategic, residual and meaningful business relationships with investors who share our buy-and-hold mentality.  We consistently strive to ascertain unique projects and investors that align with our vision, culture and core values.
Our mission is to deliver exceptional returns and build legacy wealth for our investor partners through hospitality industry investing. By leveraging our team’s development, construction expertise and our investors’ capital, we offer a more thorough and efficient process for investing in the industry that generates sizeable returns.


Acquire Properties

Our acquisition team actively seeks out both on and off-market properties with a very specific set of criteria. Our team, through due diligence, will ascertain deals, negotiate purchase contracts and arrange beneficial financing. Our hard work paired with our investors’ backing makes the acquisition even more powerful.

Add Value

Our management team seeks properties in great markets to efficiently increase income, decrease expenses and manage overall satisfaction. Folino Capital makes value add improvements to push net operating income, append numerous revenue streams and reposition properties for a pandemic resilient world, conclusively increasing the revenue and profit to our investors.


Folino Capital leads our on-property managers in maintaining value and increasing revenues at their properties. Let us show how our conservative analyzing process is used to safeguard our investor’s capital and achieve projected returns.

Cash Flow

Numerous revenue streams provide diversified and consistent cash flow to regularly ensure our investors with what they want. Investors collect passive cash flow in quarterly distributions.

Appreciation & Tax Benefits

Just like any other asset, our investors enjoy long-term wealth growth through asset appreciation. On the flip side, depreciation is a free tax write-off that allows you to keep more profits working for your future retirement and growing legacy.


The hospitality market has made a major comeback since the pandemic. In a post pandemic world, society possesses a greater demand than ever to spend money on leisurely activities with one another. The pandemic has opened the eyes to many that there is no time like the present to enjoy life and spend time with the ones you love. The hospitality industry has proven its resiliency during an unprecedented time and is positioned stronger than ever for growth and success.
Who you’re investing in is just as important as what you’re investing in. Our experience and expertise have proven successful in our current operations. On average, a winery takes approximately 10 years to turn a profit. We’ve managed to do so in the first year of operation due to our strategic approach to operating. Additionally, 1 out of 3 restaurants fail within the first year. We are currently in the 7th year of operation. Our success can be attributed to our unwavering perseverance, adaptability and ability to identify gaps in the marketplace as well as a strong desire to leave behind a legacy for generations to come.


Folino Capital HD1, LLC

Portfolio Type: Hospitality

Projected Annual ROI: Up to 10%

Investment Type: Debit


Folino Estate Winery
A state of the art winery, vineyard & Tuscan themed event venue, tasting room & dining
Vintner’s Table
Italian style Cafe & Tasting Room serving Folino Estate wines and specializing in charcuterie boards with multiple locations and plans for more.
Vintner’s Inn
A quaint Boutique Hotel & outdoor event space



Marco Folino

Founder & CEO

Marco has had a passion for entrepreneurship since he was a small child. Growing up in a family of hospitality business owners with humble beginnings, it was inevitable he would do the same. His extensive background in commercial development, build and management, each paired with an emphasis on hospitality, affords him the experience needed to grow a strong hospitality brand.


Andrea Folino

Partner & CCO

Andrea has been irreplaceable with her expertise in sales and marketing, as well as her competitive edge for real estate.  With a diverse background ranging from real estate sales, marketing and interior design all within the hospitality industry, Andrea brings a wealth of experience for current and future endeavors.


Philip Bradtmiller


Philip Bradtmiller is a CPA with over 35 years of experience in senior management positions in accounting, financial planning, treasury and investor relations with four Fortune 500 Corporations. Phil’s commitment to owners has always been to help build profitable growth and increase shareowner value.


David Rodgers

Investor Relations Associate

David plays a critical role in a variety of Folino operations, and after his recent graduation from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania has joined with Folino capital to forge and manage cherished relationships. He has always valued the ability to build meaningful relationships in and outside of business which fuels him to connect with individuals in a professional and personal manner.



Peter J. Smith


Peter is a business lawyer and partner at Antheil Maslow & MacMinn, LLP.  He has over 30 years of experience as a business, corporate finance and real estate lawyer as well as, a real estate investor and entrepreneur.  He brings invaluable knowledge, experience and creativity to his work.


Brad Blazar

Capital Raising Advisor

Brad Blazar is a highly sought after speaker and renowned published author on the subject of raising capital.  Having worked alongside many large real estate syndicators and top financial services firms, he is considered an expert on raising private money.